Smart Clean Residential Cleaning LLC

other residential cleaning service customizes their cleaning routine to the extent that we do.

During the initial interview, we;

Identify your preferences and priorities for a clean home
We ask for your feedback to ensure we are paying attention to what's important to you
We communicate with you! We think communication is essential to a good experience.
In addition to your specific requests, we follow a detailed list of cleaning actions to make sure our housecleaning is the most thorough available.

 Recurring Cleaning Service Checklist

 This list details the cleaning tasks we complete:

Clean countertops & sinks
Clean outside of cabinets & major appliances
Clean outside & inside of microwave
Wipe off small appliances
Clean stove top & range hood
Hand wipe kitchen furniture
Vacuum and damp mop floor

cabinets fingerprints removed and major focal areas damp cloth

inside refrigerator (fee will apply)

inside oven (fee will apply)


Clean & sanitize Bathrooms (our difference between others companies is. that we scrub all bathrooms, we don't wipe only.)
Clean sinks & countertops
Clean faucets
Clean & shine mirrors & fixtures within reach
Clean outsides of cabinets (fee may apply)
SCRUB wash shower/tub & door
Clean, wash, scrub & disinfect toilet
Vacuum, wash and disinfect floor

Dust furniture & shelving (we DO NOT remove books, CDs or large amounts of knickknacks from shelving)
Pick up &  *dust knick-knacks (depending on amount, an extra fee will apply)

Clean & shine glass tables

we do not polish brass
Dust home electronics, 
Dust TV screens (because of possible damages, that won't be performed) 
Dust ceiling fans*
Dust picture frames*
Dust windowsills & window/door frames*
Dust & clean baseboards*
Dust wood blinds*
Clean hot & cold air returns*
Dust low-hanging light fixtures*
Empty wastebaskets
Vacuum floors
Move light furniture to clean underneath & behind (when needed)
Shake out entryway rugs
Vacuum stairs
Vacuum furniture (extra fee may apply)
Vacuum closet floors (upon request)
Straighten items throughout the house

*Rotation Items (Weekly & Biweekly Customers)
Ceiling fans
Wood blinds
Low hanging light fixtures
Picture frames on walls
Window sills and door frames
Hot & cold air returns

Not included
Clean metal blinds
Clean plastic blinds
Move refrigerators
Move “larger furniture”


if you choose to provide the cleaning supplies; we cannot guarantee the results if you don't provide a hight quality product, or the supply that we suggested for your home. those are the most recommended by us.